Gabriel Sereni, International Academy of Consciousness – Manhattan, NY
“Be Lucid. Question Everything and Everyone. Experiment. Ponder”, The Omni-questioning Principle.
The International Academy of Consciousness is a non-profit research and education organization dedicated to investigating consciousness and helping people develop their human potential to the maximum. Emphasis is placed on rational study and understanding of our conscious reality physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
Gabriel Sereni has studied a wide range of subjects ranging from psychology and philosophy to numerous areas of study in human potential and consciousness studies. Doing this while simultaneously immersing himself fully in business and organizational leadership, he has a passion for integrating the best of what he has found in his wide range of experiences? studies and personal experience, to create and share truly comprehensive cutting-edge solutions that help others to live better lives. . He speaks regularly in cities across the U.S., leading individuals and groups to towards accessing higher states of consciousness and evolutionary personal growth. Having one foot in each, Gabriel understands the great benefit of integrating a grounded and practical approach with a creative and intuitive one, which together expand our possibilities and potential. .Understanding how to control our states of consciousness can help us evolve in order to enjoy life more fully personally, intellectually, sexually, and professionally.
Gabriel Sereni is an entrepreneur, life coach and speaker in the areas of personal development, human potential and consciousness studies. He has given lectures worldwide for over a decade. He is a faculty member of IAC, the educational and research centered organization on consciousness studies and human potential with offices in over 12 countries worldwide. He is also the owner and president of Everything Displays, an eco-conscious B2B eCommerce company.
Free 15 minute follow up to the workshop for participants on their goal setting process and their process of reaching them.
Discussion #1: Knowing and Achieving Your True Goals.
Discussion #2: Consciousness Self Studies from IAC (International Academy of Consciousness,NY)
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Kaiulani Facciani – Evolutionist & Author – Telluride, Colorado
“Conscious Access to the Higher Healing Self”
Kaiulani has achieved one of the highest levels of consciousness displayed in her ability to harness the mind and body to follow her will against odds of what we find to be normative reality. In October 2012 she was told she had less than two months to live, had lost the use of both legs and one arm. Using bio-feedback and conscious intention she lived another year when doctors discovered nine brain tumors and determined she had a few weeks to live at best. With Stage four cancer, a terminal diagnosis, Kaiulani is trying to determine what that means… her evolutionary consciousness will present us with a fit, attractive, and intelligent woman full of life.
With a background in medical research, she has recently gained intuitive skills and spiritual wisdom to be shared with us. She has repeatedly defied the prognosis of death and developed breakthroughs that allowed her higher healing self to “direct her healing”. She will teach and inspire you to access your subconscious abilities for better health, business goals, and relationships.
Kaiulani is the author of Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Strong, soon released on Amazon. She has a strong business background in the technology industry and is an extensive traveler. Kaiulani’s experiences make for a practical and well grounded approach to conscious evolution and the mastery of living.

*Kaiulani will be available for private sessions with attendees of the conference over the weekend, offering individualized guidance as needed, using her Quantum Bio-feedback Device if needed. Reserve in advance

Discussion: Conscious Access to the Higher Healing Self